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234                       JffYRAX CHEWING THE CUD                    CHAP, ix
Some of the Coneys live in rocky ground, while others, formerly
placed in the genus Dendrohyraa, frequent trees, in holes in which
they sleep. The Coney of the Scriptures is familiar, who is " exceed-
ing wise/* though a " feeble folk." But the further observation
that he " cheweth the cud but divided not the hoof," is obviously
entirely wrong. As to the wisdom, it is said that this beast is
too wary to be taken in traps; while the suggestion of chewing
the cud is, according to Canon Tristram, to be interpreted in the
light of a habit of working and moving its jaws which the animal
has. The traveller Bruce kept one in captivity to see if it did
really chew the cud, and found that it did!